Paris Metropolitan Silk Scarf by Joyeuserie X Virginie Morgand

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Joyeuserie is proud to announce this exciting project. We have been preparing this for a year since the beginning of 2018, and now we finally have our own products!!!

Collaborating with the French artist Virginie Morgand, who currently lives in Lyon, we have been working on and creating a very authentic yet lovely print which shows the vivid daily life scenes in the capital city Paris. Virginie is especially keen on illustrating scenes with people, for instance, swimmers, dancers etc., we particularly love the colors the artist used which always deliver a good and positive vibes to the audiences.  

Virginie has previously been collaborating with various cultural units in France, including the Grand Palais for Le Grand Bal promotion materials, the Theatre Liberte for the deck chairs, as well as some crossover projects with some other fashion brands, for instance, the Sunbathers Tee Shirt for J. Crew etc. Hence, we are very proud to have Virginie Morgand participating in the Joyeuseris's silk scarf project.

Same as the owner of Joyeuserie, Virginie used to live in the French capital city Paris for 10 years and we have some special feelings towards this fascinating city in the world. With the signature colors used by Virginie, here we present you some Parisian daily life scenes, take a look and you could find all the amazing details, La Gioconda (also known as Mona Lisa), the metro entrance, the press kisok, the markets, the cafés, the Jardin des Tuileries (and the little boats in the pond), to name but a feww. We hope all the Paris lovers would love this little accessory and bring a new mix & match item into your wardrobe.

Paris Metropolitan Silk Scarf
Illustrated by artist Virginie Morgand
Dimensions: 90x90cm
Material: 100% Silk Twill
Fabrication: Como, Italy
Presentation: All scarf comes with an ivory Joyeuserie gift box