Cordera is about contemporary and minimal designs holding hands with an ethical and sustainable production 100% made in Spain. Behind the brand there are two sisters, Mónica and María, together they strive to dress their values and create timeless wardrobes curated with pure and minimal designs.
The project was born in 2008 and since then, they have been growing a unique universe composed by a beautiful team of creative minds committed to the same beliefs.

The brand is based in Galicia, where all the garments are ethically and carefully created and crafted. Galicia is a full-of-nature spot in the north of Spain. This place and its magical and exuberant landscapes, the nature shapes and forms, has always been our inspiration. The brand appreciates the heritage and the artisan work the most, is because of that, all knitwear is made using Japanese knitting machines and finished by hand. The brand continues working with the same small family factories, which are an important part of Cordera. Cordera believes in ethical work and the importance of creating bounds with the people who work with them and make this possible.