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Fine lavender candle

with essential oil of fine lavender


A holiday feeling without leaving home


The scented candle from Château du Bois creates a real olfactory presence in your home. It offers a feeling of well-being, creates a cocooning universe for a cozy atmosphere. It accompanies a very soft, slowed down lifestyle: it is the image of slow life. The presence of fine lavender, the queen flower of relaxation, provides a feeling of calm. Its double aromatic and amber note creates a unique atmosphere.


Why choose a natural candle?

In order not to harm your health, our candle made from 100% vegetable waxes with wicks made of natural cotton material, guarantees the absence of toxic fumes. To guarantee an even melting of the wax without hollows, we have opted for 2 wicks with an even heat distribution for a gentle diffusion of the natural fragrance.

  • -100% vegetable and natural waxes composed of 65% soy wax and 35% coconut wax (GMOs are excluded),
  • -Perfume imagined by the designer Elisabeth Proal with 2% lavender essential oil from Haute Provence AOP: a perfect balance between aromatic and amber notes,
  • -Scented waxes and brewed in the mass at 50°
  • -Cruelty free and vegan, not tested on animals,
  • -100% biodegradable,
  • -No coloring or additives,
  • -Zero paraffin,
  • -Zero plastic with cotton wick, reusable and recyclable glass
  • -Handmade in the Luberon,
  • -Exclusive creation Le Château du Bois Provence
  • -Made in France

How to properly use your lavender candle?

This candle will burn for 20 hours, but that doesn't mean you can leave it on for several hours at a time without overheating.

It is recommended (and this for all candles) to leave it lit for about twenty minutes to half an hour before extinguishing it.

The advantage of one is that the perfume stays in the room much longer than a perfume made with alcohol which is much more volatile.


145g double wick candle