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Inspired by drawings Henri Matisse made on the walls of his home in the south of France, with a long stick and a piece of chalk.

Hand-painted with acrylic ink on veg-tanned cow; removable shoulder strap.

8” square and 2” wide. Solid brass YKK zipper and hardware.



The brand intentionally uses natural, naked, vegetable tanned leather that is undyed. It's a natural product. A lot of companies will put layers of silicone, plastic, paste, and other correctors on top on top of leather before using it to hide these imperfections, but the brand does not believe in doing that. We would not be able to hand-paint anything on the bags if we put layers of paste, silicone, and plastic on top first. The brand is built around the concept of seeing like an artist -- everything is hand-painted, handmade, and any marks of the artist (or the animal the leather was produced from!) are considered unique parts of the piece that contribute to its beauty and visual intrigue. 

Our Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather is a classic leather that shows its wear beautifully over time. It is warm, it is strong, and it is personal.  It will not remain pristine and sleek, and although scratching will occur, we do not view these marks as defects. It is completely natural, meaning it is naked, with no synthetic top finishes. The surface of Vegetable Tanned leather will change over time, and exposure to water will create spots. While we recommend avoiding rain, the patina created by daily wear-and-tear is meant to change and evolve over time. 

 For advice on general maintenance and care, the best option is to take your bag to a trusted leather goods repair shop. To care for the bag at home, you can find commercial products in drugstores to clean and polish the leather.